Lori Scheibley

Partner / CFO

Brayan Garcia Acosta

Asst. Project Manager I

Shaun Mote

Operations Director

Adis Celosmanovic

Project Coordinator

Josh Adams

Sr Project Manager

Ryan Scheibley

Master Sgt US Army/Office Manager

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Rick Scheibley

Has roots in NorCal since 1972. He started “RPS” in 2012, after working on paving crews from 1979 -1990, then working as an estimator/paving director from 1994 to 2012. Rick started the company alone and now has 5 fulltime and 2 part-time employees. RPS revenues of grown from, < $750k to now handling almost $10m of projects annually. Ricks purpose in starting RPS was increase Accountability, Integrity & Competency for the private project world through a Win-Win-Win culture. We want owners – managers – and vendors alike to feel like RPS is the “smoothest” possible way to run a project.