Our History

Reliable Pavement Services (RPS) started a service in 2012 to help fill the void of accountability, competency, and integrity in the pavement industry.

RPS started after Rick Scheibley accumulated over 32 years of personally being trained in all aspects of grading, paving, pavement maintenance and seal coat work.  Then Rick moved on to project management and learned the entire bidding process.  Though in a sales position, Rick eventually, as “Director of all things paving” for one company for over 18 years, decided to step out and meet this “void of accountability” head-on. 

RPS was started to offer a professional level of service, that never existed previously.  In this service, we have grown to manage over $5m of work annually and we are growing each year.  Therefore, RPS is now a team of people… Rick remains the owner and Senior Project Director.  Lori Scheibley is our Financial Overseer.  Josh Adams is now our Project Manager while Juan Macias and Will Landre are our Project Coordinators.  RPS uses a remote Office Administrator – who is Wendi Meuse. Each “project” team member has personally served the industry on the paving crew and knows precisely “how to do” what is supposed to be done.  This is the key to helping us fill the voids of our industry.  We give our clients qualified projects (directors, managers, and inspectors).  We are qualified not by books or sales, but by 100% personal experience.  There is no better method to ensure your paving project runs smoother.


Rick Scheibley


"We’ll make your job, easy”


Our promise is to ensure that your job has the details necessary in order to serve property owners, property managers and paving contractors.  We strive to provide professional and independent paving evaluations, scopes of work and project management.  We provide accountability, competency, and integrity needed to bring increased value to all users of our services.


"I have been very impressed with the work and professionalism of RPS. I think the project went about as smoothly as we could have hoped for, with this community, and that was due to the oversight of the RPS Project Directors. I look forward to working with them on future projects.."
Frank Alioto
CCAM, CMCA, AMS Community Management Services, Inc



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